• Where do you live?

    I live in Italy, in a little town near Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Can I meet you?

    Of course, during the conventions ^_^

  • Can I find you in some chats?

    No, I don't like to use  chat client. You can get in touch only by e-mail.
    You can even follow me on Facebook, Istagram and DeviantArt

  • Can you send me never seen before or private pictures of you?

    No, and don't ask me for them, please!

  • Can you do a private shooting for me?

    I accept and examine offers for extra-cosplay shooting, but serious and non-nude.
    For every contact about business and/or booking me, take a look the the Booking page in the footer of this site, and feel free to email me.

  • Which event / conventions are you going?

    All events in which I participate are shown in the Homepage's box Month Schedule.
    Are given all my appearances both as cosplayers, as a guest or as a singer in concert with the cover band Le Canne Di Sampei.

  • Can I link you?

    Sure, this site is link free! Please use one my banners that you find in Home Page; actually I don't have a page devoted to link exchange, sorry Cartier Tank Replica

  • Sorry, text not available.
    Sorry, text not available.
  • Who is the designer of your site?

    I made by myself only the contents.
    The site in all its parts (layout, graphic and development)  was created by my friend and webdesigner Petra Lucchini (www.petralucchini.com).

  • Who takes the photos for your shooting?

    I usually work with Daniele Faccioli and Demis Albertacci, but sometimes I have the chance to work with other artists.
    You can find the name of the right photographers in each gallery.

  • Can I use your pics for CG Art, photo manipulation, fan art, etc...?

    Yes, you are welcome to use the photography for your non-profitable projects after notifying me,but please no erotic, nude contents.

  • Can I use your pics for my site or anywhere else?

    The pictures on Giorgiacosplay.com are free only for private use.
    Please email -me and ask for my permission first Rolex GMT-Master Replica before using any of the photos or artwork on the Internet.
    Removing my logo on any photos from Giorgiacosplay.com is strictly prohibited, and is strictly necessary to indicate a link with my site as the source of the photo.

  • Do you make your costumes by yourself or you buy them?

    I made my costumes by myself, with the help of my mother, I am proud to think of us as a "winning team" ^_^.

  • Where do you buy wigs and contact lenses?

    I almost always purchase from online retailers.
    These are some useful and reliable sites to get started:
    - stores.ebay.com/COSPLAY-WIG
    - stores.shop.ebay.it/FRANCY-BAZAR
    - stores.ebay.com/professionalonlyplus
    - www.cosworx.com/home.php
    - www.eyesonline.it/
    - www.fashion-contactlenses.com/

  • How much you spend to make a cosplay?

    It really depends on the costume and the same kind of material or fabric used , it is difficult to generalize because each cosplay has its own quirks.

  • Can you sell me one of your costumes?

    No, I don't sell my costumes.

  • Can you make a costume for me?

    Sorry, I don't take any commissions, I don't have time to make costumes for others.

  • Can you help me with my costume?

    I can not answer for reasons of time to numerous e-mails that ask for advice on the creation of costumes and accessor, sorry.
    Sometimes in the making of my costumes you can  find some indication of how I made some parts of the costume.
    However surfing on internet you can find many sites and tutorials that explain how to make costumes and accessories.

  • How did you made an object / piece of costume?

    In the page of (almost) every costume is a section making off, which explains the creation of cosplay and various related objects.Sosorry I really don't have time to answer and explain all my work.

  • What is cosplay?

    Cosplay is dressing up and acting like anime-comics-movies-videogames characters.

  • How to become a cosplayer?

    Simply preparing and wearing the costume of the chosen character.
    Cosplayers usually encountered during the conventions where there are competitions and themed parades.

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